Margie Cook | RHN, VLCE

For Margie Cook, it’s always been about food, but when it became all about plant food, she decided to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator (VLCE). A vegetarian since her twenties, her road to veganism evolved over many years. Believing that creating a happy and healthy life depends in large part on the food we eat so, as an avid food “experimenter” Margie was determined to create delicious, plant-based recipes as tasty as any in an omnivore diet.

Convinced that every meal should not only lead to a healthier planet, but also bring you more energy, glowing skin and put a smile on your face, the plant-based foods she has created go above and beyond. Her customized cooking classes, corporate wellness programs, coaching, recipe and menu development, catering and personal chef services are all done with unique, lighthearted style.

Listen for the developing Plants on Plates podcast, seek out a delivery from the unique Plants on Plates on Wheels prepared food home delivery service and stay tuned for news on a brand-new partnership focussed on getting some of her delicious creations to market. Margie lives in Streetsville, Ontario just outside of her hometown Toronto, with her husband, 4 kids and their big yellow dog.